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Teach my girlfriend how to fuck

Have you ever seen the graduate? Where Mrs. Robinson tries to steal Dustin Hoffman away from her own daughter. Well, this is similar, kind of. Ryder Skyes stepson has a girlfriend, Rosalyn Sphynx. But Rosalyn has been ignoring her boyfriend recently, and Ryder does not want anyone to treat her stepson that way. She can tell he needs some attention, especially when she catches him peeking in on her in the bathroom. And she is more than happy to be the one who offers him the attention that he is seeking. She licks his dick from balls to tip, jerks his cock from behind on the bed, and even sucks him off while Rosalyn is resting on the couch right next to them. But then Ryder takes it a step further. She cares so much about her stepson that she is willing to teach his girlfriend how to treat him right. So, she coaches them through a hot fuck, guiding them every step of the way. What a considerate stepmom!

Duration: 09:00   /   Added: 2019-06-11

Stars :  Rosalyn Sphinx Ryder Skye Juan Loco

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