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Oral massage

When Mia LieLani meets her customer for the first time he seems a little nervous. He came over from the MMA gym where it was suggested if he pays a little more Mia will do a little more. She works at making him feel comfortable, so she starts off with a little private striptease for him before she drops to her knees to get his cock wet with her mouth. In the shower, she lets him soap up her perfect c cup breasts as she lathers up his growing cock. The chemistry between these two is amazing and you know they are gonna fuck. Mia rubs her ass all over his slippery cock then rinses him off in the bath so she can suck and gag it down. She wants his girth to split her pussy wide open as she bends over to take it from behind. He fucks her good and both leave satisfied knowing a repeat performance is for sure soon to happen.

Duration: 07:00   /   Added: 2013-04-04

Stars :  Mia Lelani Barrett

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Tags :  oral massage

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