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Little Russian dancer

Petite coed Gina Gerson admires the way she looks in a cute little leotard complete with miniskirt and leg warmers. Once she has peeled on her uniform, she begins practicing at the barre until her coach Angelo Godshack joins her. Gina and Angelo have a history of being fuck buddies, and today is no exception to their trend as Angelo peppers kisses along Gina's neck and peels her clothes off until she's nude with his fingers planted firmly between her thighs. As Gina feasts on her bare fuck hole, Gina uses the barre for balance and lets her head loll back. Eager to give as good as she has received, Gina gets on her knees and puts her sweet sexy mouth to work lapping up and down her lover's fuck stick and sucking him off with a deep throat BJ. Her puffy lips suck and slurp at Angelo's hardon, prepping him to take her fuck hole, which he's happy to do. Getting to her feet and leaning over the barre puts Gina in the perfect position to take every inch of her lover's big dick buried in her petite body. She moans and gasps at the long strokes, then turns around and jumps into Angelo's arms so he can hold her up as he spreads her ass cheeks for a standing fuck. Taking things down a notch, Gina rides her lover to her ultimate orgasmic completion. Angelo follows her over the edge moments later as he spoons from behind with Gina until he gluts her with a big sticky creampie.

Duration: 12:00   /   Added: 2019-06-09

Stars :  Gina Gerson Angelo Godshack

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