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Leaving my GF with my dad

Anna and her boyfriend came to his father's bar that morning. It was usual busy day and son and dad were busy with bar duties. Her boyfriend's dad was giving compliments to Anna, since she was a beautiful girl. Everything was calm and sweet. But situation has changed when her boyfriend went down to change the beer barrels. When he left, his father came closer to Anna and obviously he was flirting with his son's girlfriend. Of course, she was surprised, but this short and weird man had some power over her. And she decided to try thinking that her boyfriend will not come back soon and it will be just a small secret. But it all ended in a disaster when Anna's man accidentally came back and saw his father and his girlfriend naked on a table in the middle of the bar...

Duration: 10:00   /   Added: 2019-06-07

Stars :  Anna

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